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Meet Dr. Yuan-Da Fan


Yuan-Da Fan, MD

Yuan-Da Fan, MD, is an experienced gynecologist with his own private practice in the Union Square neighborhood of San Francisco, California. 

In his 25 years of practice, Dr. Yuan­-Da Fan has rarely missed delivering his patients’ babies — no matter what time of day or night they are born.

“It’s a privilege to take care of mothers and deliver their babies safely and comfortably. When they’re happy, I’m happy,” he says. Above all, he believes in providing individualized care for his patients because he knows from experience that no two people are the same.

Dr. Fan started his first career as a chef in Chicago. He owned a thriving restaurant near Northwestern University Hospital until 1978, but he always felt that he could be doing something that would be more beneficial for society. Eventually, he sold his restaurant and moved to New Orleans to attend Louisiana State University School of Medicine. He hasn’t looked back since.

With a childhood friend left disabled because of a birth injury, it seemed very natural to choose obstetrics and gynecology as his specialty. Dr. Fan says, “I wanted to be the best gynecologist, to take excellent care of mothers so that they could have healthy babies. By doing that, I can help people, help families, and help my country.”

Dr. Fan moved his family to San Francisco and opened his private practice in 1989. He built his practice from the ground up through referrals from patients who love his kind and personalized approach to women’s health care. He now serves as the Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at California Pacific Medical Center. As a tribute to his top­-of-­the­-line care, many of Dr. Fan’s colleagues refer patients to him after seeing his technical competence and commitment to his patients in action.


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